Making it super easy to hire top-quality Sound, Lighting & Video equipment.

Party, Wedding, playing in a band? Whatever your event, Charlie's probably got what you need to make it super.

Throwing a garden party? Have some music using our battery powered audio system - no wires!
Want to light up your garden? We now have lovely LED Festoon - just the job.
Watching the big game with friends? Hire a big screen from us, and watch it in style.

The big small print...
Prices on the page are for weekend hires only - collect 4pm Friday, return by midday Monday.
Payment on collection, cash or credit/debit card.
You will need to bring ID when you collect (photo & address). Call for more details.
VAT is included.


PA KIT 1 - Sennhesier LSP500PA:

Portable systems that sound great anywhere, plus, they're battery powered - no mains to trip up your toddler - and have up to eight hours of juice. And to satisfy the x-tractor-Norwich-idol tendencies of your friends, you can add optional microphones. (Or even Karaoke!) They're made specifically for lower level music or public address, so you don't have to pay for a system that's designed to put a band on or accommodate a DJ.
Includes: 1 x LSP500 and speaker stand - Bluetooth & USB media player. Line in. Microphone input. £65/weekend
Add a radio microphones for just £10 each

PA KIT 2 - Freepass 10

Ideal for solo/duo acoustic bands, 100watt PA with integrated 4ch mixer. Small enough to fit in the back of any car, yes, even a little car!
Kit includes: 2 x 10" speaker; 1 x 100watt mixer-amp; 2 x Speaker stands; 2 x SM58 microphones; 2 x Mic Stands; cables. £40/weekend

PA KIT 3 - RCF full-range

You want bass? You got it. Two RCF Evox8 PA systems, with a Presonus desk. Ideal for bands, DJs and anyone who wants some oomph.
Kit includes: 2 x RCF Evox8; 1 x Presonus AR8 Mixer; 2 x SM58 microphones; 2 x Mic Stands; cables. £100/weekend

And make no mistake, this is all quality gear, in fact it's only 'cause we're part of a bigger company, that you can get access to what is normally reserved for the big guns.
You can use these PA's for charity dos, tournaments, raffles, community meetings, fun-days, classic car meets... in fact, almost any event you can dream up where you need background sound and announcements (for up-to 100 people)!

Want BIGGER? We have PA systems going all the way up to concert systems for 1000's of people.

Get in touch!


Don't look into the light!

It's not the 70's anymore (sadly, Charlie loved the 70's...), you probably don't want one of those big boxes full of 'Top-Of-The-Pops' kaleidoscope effects, you want brand-spanking-new state-of-the-art battery powered LED uplighters!

Charlie's uplighter jobbies are an instant way to turn any room into a club, 8hrs battery use, remote control, fixed colour, or colour change, or even strobing if you want.


In the garden? No problem, you want some festoon and some garden lighting. Big space? No worries, we have tonnes of kit here, come see! Not only lights, we've got the whole lot here, look at some pictures of a garden party we turned into a mini-festival!



My telly is bigger than yours...

You've got a laptop and a camera, right? Why not get those hilarious photos of Uncle Dave in a wig up on the big screen? And these aren't just any projectors, Charlie's got cool short throw projectors (so you don't need a mile in front of the screen to fill it) and have an auto set-up function so they are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, we'll show you just how easy when you come to pick it up.

It will definitely give your friends something to talk about on-the-day, it's instant and you're in control, so miles better than finding the really bad picture of yourself later on facebook!

Everyone's got a flat screen telly these days, but you don't want to cart it down to the village hall now do you? Charlie's Big TV's are mounted on ultra cool truss-style stand, making sure everyone can see it.
Like our projectors you can plug in your games console for big screen gaming. Simply let us know when you order - we'll ensure you have the right cables & if you're not using your own, don't forget to ask for a laptop or dvd player.

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